Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Linear Relations Unit Review
OK... I changed my mind. Your unit test will be on Monday. If you're finished recording your voice on Voicethread and you've made your 3 comments, take some time to review the topics we covered this unit. You can also use these sites to study over the weekend!

Topic #1: Translating Equations


Topic#2: Solving Equations


Solving using Addition and Subtraction (x+3=10): Practice and/or Play
Solving using Division (2x=16): Practice and/or Play
Solving using Addition and Division (3x+3=24): Practice and/or Play

Demo of using Algetiles to solve
SlideShare demo of algetiles

Using applets for balancing equations:
Includes Variables on both sides.
Includes Fractions and brackets.

Topic #3: Word Problems

Try the questions posted in Voicethread for yourself!

Good luck!

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Word Problems Task Part 2: Comments
Good morning again! Thank you for your patience and cooperation yesterday with the technical difficulties!

This task will be completed in the second half of today's class, after everyone has finished task 1.

Your important task is to comment on your classmates' work. Here's how:

  1. There are 4 problem types. You recorded a presentation about one of the problem types. Now you are responsible to comment on one problem in each of the other problem types (that means 3 comments).
  2. You can do your comments using a microphone (if one is available) or by selecting "type" instead and typing your comment.
  3. Each comment should say three things- something positive, something constructive, and a question.
For example: "Your explanation was really clear about how three more than a number became x+3. It was difficult to know when you were checking your work and when you were solving the problem. A label might have helped. How would your answer change if you used cents instead of dollars?"

  • DO listen to the person's audio explanation before commenting.
  • DO read other comments before adding your own.
  • DO be specific.
  • DO be constructive instead of insulting.
  • DO use the pen to highlight what you are referring to.
  • DO remember that your work is being commented on as well- check back and respond!
  • DO remember that the whole world can access your comments- you have a large audience!
  • DON'T just say, "Good job. I liked it."
Suggestions for what to comment on:
  1. organization (how is the problem laid out?)
  2. detail (are all the steps included?)
  3. accuracy (is the answer correct?)
  4. neatness and clarity (can you understand what was written and spoken?)
Once again, have fun! I am expecting that you will be able to solve any of these problems in your test on Friday after completing this exercise.

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Word Problems Task Part 1: Using Voicethread
Your task:

  1. Each group member is to choose one of the problems you solved together. The problems have been organized in the following posts by problem type.
  2. You are to record your voice using Voicethread explaining the problem and how you solved it.
  • DO start by reading the problem
  • DO imagine you are explaining this to a younger brother or sister or a parent (don't assume the person listening knows how to solve these problems)
  • DO speak slowly
  • DO give as much detail as possible; go through each of the steps
  • DO use the pen to highlight what you are talking about
  • DO listen to yourself before you save your work

  • DON'T just read what you've written

While you are waiting for the microphone, please work on the unit review for your test on Friday.

Have fun! :)
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Monday, March 03, 2008
Worksheet Word Problems
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Perimeter Word Problems
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Number Word Problems
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Money Word Problems
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Word Problems
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Testing Voicethread
Hello grade 9's!

If you push play on the voicethread box below, you will here what I am expecting from you over the next couple of days.

To get started though, you need a voicethread account!
  • Go to
  • Click on "sign in or register"
  • Click on "register"
  • Enter your name (Choose the same name as you did for blogger. Remember, first name only!) and e-mail address and create a password. I would even use the same password that you did for blogger so that you can remember it.
That's it!

In order to be able to post your work, I need your good copies submitted by Friday at 3:30 pm! Please don't be late!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008
aLisa's scribe

aLisa's scribe #2

From: alisasaaysRAWR, 3 minutes ago

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Solving Equations
Hey what’s up you guys Im the blogger for today and I’ll be showing you how to solve multi step equation by simplifying first before solving.

Okay so in our class today Ms Nicholson taught us how to solve equations that need to be simplified first to get the answer. Here’s an example:

EX: 2(x + 1) = 4
Okay so to solve this we have to simplify both sides first so:
2(x + 1) = 4
= 2x + 2 = 4 now it’s already simplified now we can start finding the value
of x , to do that we have to get the x all by itself so:
= 2x + 2 - 2 = 4 – 2 and since this is an EQUATION, the RULE is: what ever you do on
The other side you do to the other side so that it will remain balanced.
= 2x = 2 Now that the x is all by itself we have to divide both sides by the number
coefficient of x:
= 2x/2 = 4- 2
after we divided both sides, we are left with the answer:
x = 2
we can now check if it’s correct:
2(x + 1) = 4
= 2x + 2 = 4
= 2x + 2 – 2 = 4 – 2
= 2(2) = 4
= 4 = 4 and that’s it were done 4 equals 4 right? So that means that the value of x that we have is correct.

That all for my scribe hope you understand it. And oh yeah REMINDER to my
classmates we have an textbook assignment. Its page 91 27-40(odd) and page 98
1-12(odd) 32, 34. and that ends my scribe.


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
equations using division
doing this algebraically
7y=63(first thing you want to do is to leave the variable in one side alone.)

7......7 (you need to divide it now)


doing it with algebra tiles

1) it is 2x=-4
2) regroup the tiles to display the value for one variable
3)the answer is x=2

just look at this site for more info


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Friday, February 01, 2008
when is the tessellation project due??
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Friday, January 11, 2008
  • A transformation in which a figure is turned about a point.
  • There are two kinds of rotation direction:
    • clockwise
    • counter clockwise

  • And there are 4 kinds of rotation:
    • 90°
    • 180°
    • 270°
    • 360°

  • Translations are totally different from rotations. Translation is to slide a shape, but rotation is to turn.
  • And it is different from reflection too.
  • assignment page 307-308 , numbers 1-33(0dd numbers only)

For more info in rotations click this--> !!!
If you want to test your self about rotations click this--> \m/
For more info about translation click this--> ...
If you want to test your self in translation click this--> ***
For more info for reflection click this-->
If you want to test your self in reflection click this --> ^^^

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